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After releasing three well-received acoustic EPs in as many years, and after playing hundreds of live dates at all kinds of venues across the South West of the UK, Gozer Goodspeed's debut album Running with the Outliers is finally here.

Working with prodigiously talented producer Chris Love at the newly-built Whistlewood Studios in Plymouth, Gozer has, for the first time in his career, recruited a full band of talented musicians to record with in the studio, and kept the recording sessions as live and spontaneous as possible. The result is a modern, vibrant indie folk rock album teeming with different moods, different vibes, and unexpected left turns, and packed full of Goodspeed's trademark multi-layered, emotive, often wryly playful lyrics.

Running with the Outliers will make you redefine what you think you know about Gozer Goodspeed's music.


"...a damned fine album... Delightfully rough around the edges... surf in the guitar stylings and punk in the delivery... filled to the brim" - Neil King, FATEA

"... an album of gravel-soaked grace... an urgency that is electrifying and a passion that is undeniable ... Running with the Outliers is without doubt a savagely good listen" - Kevin Burke, The Big Takeover

“The evolution of Gozer Goodspeed has been a privilege to witness…we are instantly transported into Goodspeed’s world of deep grooves, hooky melodies and the kind of songwriting that really belongs on a 7th or 8th album, not a debut” - Roland Monger, Listen with Monger

“Gozer Goodspeed has now entered the big leagues. Running with the Outliers is an album that demands you listen to it, that cannot be categorised… It has rock edges, dare I say pop moments, it’s arena large in effort and scope but intimate club in its emotional hit… There is a real depth and gravitas to the songs and messages contained within this latest offering” - Steve Taylor-Bryant,

"...full of verve and panache... the sort of album that should be belted through your car windows on a drive to the coast on a warm day, just because you can... finely-crafted, well-observed songs brimming over with beauty, heart, and passion. This is a phenomenal debut album" - James R Turner, Albion Magazine Online

"...a powerful album of original music with so much to say about the highs, lows, challenges and survival in our modern westernised society" - Mama Pik Music


"The entire album illuminates man’s realization of self and how it is developed, re-created, altered, influenced by others, and ultimately revealed and defined.  To compose music and write lyrics that show such an existential view of the human condition is superb and relays the talent and dexterity in the musicianship of Gozer Goodspeed" - KiKi Skinner, Klef Notes

"It’s the sound of progression with a deeper musical expression. Folk hero turns into oo’s British Smashing Pumpkins with the help of a band of brothers that makes your hair stand on end. It’s musically/culturally important the way music should be" - Jackson Cooper

"What a voice Gozer has" - Rick Stuart, Roots & Fusion

"Gozer's superbly distinctive voice hits you right between the ears. Gozer's songwriting has matured rapidly and Outliers is testament to both his writing and performing. Gozer is definitely on the way up" - Sheila Vanloo, Vanloo's Reviews

"The record is such an all-encompassing joy " - Carsten Schaeffer, Raute Rock Radio



"Running With the Outliers... is stunning; folky, bluesy, rocky, bit of a Lennon vibe on the vocals but, because of it being a full band sound, it has taken a near flawless artist and put him in the realms of perfection" - Steve Taylor-Bryant,

"...full of life, blues and pathos... If your musical Venn diagram crosses over Neil Young, the Black Crowes, Jake Bugg, the Indigo Girls and Ben Harper then you will adore this and, like me, you will be very excited about the forthcoming album" - Roland Monger,

"The underlying rock mentality comes much more to the fore... a wonderfully earthy, cheeky song...  no self-indulgence, just a great modern folk-rock song. Just the way the world needs it!" - Carsten Schaefer, Raute Musik Rock (Germany)

"It's a belter!" - Steve Muscutt, Musomuso

"It's great!" - Peter Cartwright, Riviera FM

"This track is truly an unorthodox righteous hit!  Goodspeed’s vocals and slamming guitar are mind-blowing"

- Lakisha Skinner, Klef Notes

Single cover image by Susan Omand

Photograph by Richie Bolgiani Photography

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